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did iiot.  therefore,  cease to take an Iiitarest in ihe
sofairs of Ills country or  r-hw progress  cf humaidty;
but Ms labours were ail directed to .science and art.
He could, at the          time, live  quite  accoraing to
Ms taste, free from forms and demands Trldeh politics
make, and could therefore  display the amiable part
of his character more plainly, and close the .sphere of
his life in cheerfully-calm domestic happiness.
And Hiimbolut did not turn Ms attention entirely
from   matters aSecticg                life.    In   an
" On the Duw of an Historian/* lie            a
conception of               history,
historical pMlas0phy9 which, until then,
existed.     But he devoted himself principally to com-
parative studies, and to the philosophy of languages.
He submitted the results of Ms inquiries gradually in
various meetings to the Royal Academy of Sciences
in   Berlin,    He comprehends  whole  quarters of the
world, with their languages^ in these studies, bnt fixes
them at last on the island group of Polynesia, and. on
the combination of Ms investigations on the
and the tmiversa! nature of language,
left  the   fruit   of these                   in   three   quarto
volumes.    But all this         not fill up the rich con-
tents of the last years of Ms life. He is active for
art in the most extended           of the word, gives
reviews of the coryphees of German literature, with.
whom, lie has been so long and. so intimately connected.
And finally, the poetical genius                    also. In
a                       of sonnets, as in a diary;, lie recorded,
the serious                                         leelings of Ms
last daya
These leisure                  "be divided into        por-
tions,,—that preceding and succeeding the           of
his wife.    The        portion he devoted to a         ex-
tended study of                       the social
tual amusements of the town. He fired ia Berlin
during the winters,         the                               in
Tegel?   sometimes   on   Ms            in                      in
Biirgtimer,, or on MB
B  B  2